Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ahmedabad Tourism

Ahmedabad is one of the largest city in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is rising sector for business, education, Information & Technology but in conjunction with its History! Gandhi Ashram is one of the huge attraction for tourism. Gandhi Ashram is the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed from 1915 to 1933. Many important historical events start from Ashram. “Duniya mey ayi andhi Jab hath me leke dandi  Nikle Mahatma Gandhi”.  Ashram separated in several parts. 

Haridaya Kunj: Gandhiji Live in small cottage known as ‘Haridaya Kunj’.

Nandini: It is an old Ashram guest house, where guests from India and abroad are put up.

Vinoba Kutir: Named after Acharya Vinoba Bhave who stayed here, and also known as Mira Kutir after Mirabahen, Gandhiji's disciple, daughter of a British Admiral.

Upasana Mandir:  It is open prayer ground located between Haridaya kutir and Magan Kutir (Where Ashram Manager Maganlal stayed).

Gandhi Sanghrahalaya: It is a museum inaugurated by Jawharlal Nehru on May 10, 1963.I has five five units, a library and two photo galleries and auditorium.  

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